SBAC Testing Schedule

sbacWe will administer the SBAC tests to our Juniors and any Seniors who did not take the tests last year.  These SBAC Tests (SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) are Vermont’s most recent approach to standardized testing for all students in the state.  When we administer these tests, we use our two-hour delay schedule.  During the first two hours of a testing day (8 AM through 10 AM), all of the students who are being tested arrive at school at the usual time (prior to 8 AM) and at 8 AM report to designated areas to take the SBAC test.  All other students do not need to be at school until 10 AM, which is when we will start our academic day.  Students who attend the RVTC Career Center in the morning and who are being tested will need to stay at BFUHS on those testing days and not go to Springfield in the morning.  This testing schedule is being shared with RVTC, so that they will be aware of these required absences.  Monday, April 3: Regular School Hours

Tuesday, April 4: Two-Hour Delay Schedule for SBAC testing, Wednesday, April 5: Regular School Hours, Thursday, April 6: Two-Hour Delay Schedule for SBAC testing, Friday, April 7: Regular School Hours, Monday, April 10: Regular School Hours, Tuesday, April 11: Two-Hour Delay Schedule for SBAC testing, Wednesday, April 12: Regular School Hours, Thursday, April 13: Two-Hour Delay Schedule for SBAC testing, Friday, April 14: Regular School Hours.

Important note on bus transportation: During this two week period, the district’s bus schedule will not change.  For the entire period, the buses will follow their normal schedule.  These adjusted start times for our academic day only applies to BFUHS and not to any other schools in the district.  Therefore, if you have a high school student who is not being tested whose only means of transportation to school is a school bus, your child will need to take the bus at the normal time and arrive to school at the normal time.  Those students will wait in the cafeteria or gym from the time that they arrive until the academic day begins at 10 AM.