College Application Week at BFUHS

Next week, BFUHS and VSAC will sponsor Vermont’s College Application Campaign as part of a national effort to get more seniors to apply to post-secondary educational programs. We’re encouraging every senior to consider applying to at least one two-year, four-year, technical school or certificate program. Seniors will spend terrier time working on their college applications next week. For each terrier time session we will have a number of giveaways including raffling off some VSAC/aspirations hoodies, M&Ms and other fun goodies.
In preparation for this week, attached is a worksheet to help you gather the necessary information needed for college applications. Please bring this worksheet with you next week.
If you want to make sure you’re on the list to participate next week please email Jessi Krause Herron at or text 802-289-3094.
Also, please note, if the application fees associated with applying to college are a barrier to you applying, VSAC has some fee waivers available, so please reach out.