Theo Pilette, December Elks Student of the Month

It is a pleasure to announce that Theophilus  “Theo”  Pilette has been named the December Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Theo, a senior, is the son of Ron and Anna Pilette of Grafton.

Theo strives for academic excellence and   shows tremendous maturity for a person his age.  He takes challenging classes, is an active participant in class discussions, and offers insightful comments. The quality of his work is often above and beyond what it expected.   Always appreciative of teachers’ efforts to help, he takes advantage of opportunities to improve his skills.

Theo comes to school every day with a desire to learn and to help others learn as well.  He is willing to help his classmates better understand a concept, and actively tries to connect lessons to real life experiences whenever possible.

A dedicated athlete, Theo is interested in the Martial Arts and is eagerly willing to provide support and training to peers who want to improve their own physical health.  Theo is also an accomplished dancer, having performed as part of the Ellison Ballet Company in NYC, as an international guest performer, and at the Lincoln center on the David H. Koch stage.

Polite, friendly and sociable, Theo is well liked by his peers and the staff at BFUHS.  He is a positive role model who leads by example and an asset to any class or activity he joins. His courteous and respectful demeanor sets a positive tone in any activity he participates in. Theo is able to discuss issues with a civility that is uncommon.  Even when disagreeing with his peers or a faculty member, he expresses his views respectfully and he sincerely listens to opposing viewpoints.  In addition, he does not let disagreements affect his ability to get along with others.   Demonstrating exceptional integrity, Theo is quick to accept responsibility and apologize if he makes a mistake, and he is also quick to forgive others for making mistakes as well.

Theo is clearly deserving of this award and BFUHS and the Elks are proud to have him present us this month.