Ethan Lauricella, May Elks Student of the Month

It is a pleasure to announce that Ethan  Lauricella has been named the Bellows Falls Union High School Elks Student of the Month for May.  Ethan, a senior, is the son of Rob and Heidi Lauricella of Saxtons River, Vermont.

Ethan is a dedicated student who goes above and beyond expectations  in his academics. He challenges himself in Honors and AP level classes; he completes his assignments on time, and advocates for himself respectfully.  Always interested in learning as much as he can, Ethan comes to class everyday ready to learn. He is an active learner who participates in class discussions, asks insightful questions, and is open to hearing and respectfully evaluating the opinions of others.

Ethan is thoughtful, respectful, and  has an all-around good nature. His positive attitude  is contagious, and he is willing to offer a friendly hello or a smile to help improve someone’s day.  Ethan serves as a good role model for others, as he shows genuine concern for his classmates and neighbors.  

Ethan is an outstanding musician who  has been actively involved in the BFUHS music program throughout is high school career. In addition to performing as a member of the BFUHS concert band  and the district honors band on the tenor and baritone saxophone, Ethan is an active and dedicated pianist. Ethan’s piano skills have been heard in the BFUHS Jazz Ensemble and Pit Orchestra as well as many piano recitals, talent shows and events throughout the greater Bellows Falls community. He is also a valued member of the BFUHS  Environthon science team.

Ethan  is a pleasure to work with as he consistently involves himself in fundraisers and community band events.

Congratulations go to Ethan.  BFUHS and the Elks are proud to have him represent us with this award this month.