Jasmine Boucher, 2018 Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen

It is a pleasure to announce that Jasmine Boucher has been named the 2018  Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Jasmine, a senior, is the daughter of Rick and Jennifer Boucher of Bellows Falls.

Jasmine was chosen based on the following criterion:  dependability (including truthfulness, loyalty and punctuality), service (including cooperation, courtesy and consideration of others), leadership (including personality, self-control and ability to assume responsibility) and patriotism (including unselfish interest in family, school, community and nation.) She fits these characteristics well.

Jasmine has demonstrated her dependability through her commitment to her academics, school activities, her job and her community.  She is reliable and conscientious and follows through on commitments.  A determined student who works hard, she is a member of the Marilee Huntoon Jesse A. Judd Chapter of the National Honor Society at Bellows Falls Union High School.   She is an active member of class activities and works hard to include others.  Jasmine is someone whom people can count on as she takes initiative, does what she says she is going to do and follows through with what she starts.

Always willing to help anyone in need, Jasmine is often one of the first to offer assistance without being asked.  She has willingly participated in a variety of community service activities including an art camp counselor, concession worker at school sporting events, tour guide for incoming ninth graders and track meet and field hockey helper.  She is cooperative in the classroom, on the field and court, and takes into consideration the feelings of others.

While Jasmine is a quiet, humble leader who leads by example, she sets examples for her peers and younger students by holding herself to high standards in everything she does. She also demonstrates leadership by showing humility in times of success and failure. She understands it takes a team to accomplish great things; through her sportsmanship, she serves as a positive representative of BFUHS and the community.  Willing to improve her skills, Jasmine takes constructive criticism well and uses it as an opportunity for growth.  In times of difficulty, Jasmine is composed and strives to be her best.

Jasmine demonstrates empathy and compassion and serves as a positive role model and confidant for many of the younger students. She works hard to include others, and often supports the “underdog” who might be struggling.  She is mature for her age, sees the “bigger picture” in life, and she works hard to achieve the goals she has set for herself. She takes pride in her school and community as she is supportive of her classmates, teammates and the younger student athletes in the community.

Clearly a strong leader who cares about others, Jasmine is deserving of this award, and BFUHS is honored to have her represent us this year.