Abbe Cravinho, January Elks Student of the Month

It is a pleasure to announce that Abbe Cravinho has been named the January Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Abbe, a senior, is the daughter of John and Jennifer Cravinho of Bellows Falls.

A hard working student, Abbe puts in the extra time needed to go above and beyond the assignment requirements.  She works hard to improve her skills and master the course content.  She carries a heavy course load and challenges herself   with a variety of honors and AP classes.  A strong academic student, Abbe is a member of the Marilee Huntoon BFUHS Chapter of the Jesse A. Judd National Honor Society. Abbe is in the top five of her class, and last year she received the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, which honors students who are outstanding in science, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute award for Math and Science as well as recognition from the Society of Women Engineers.

As a dedicated student, Abbe comes to school each day with a desire to learn and an eagerness to get involved.  She is a positive role model with a welcoming presence about her. She is polite and friendly and always looks to lend a helping hand.  As an active member of the classroom, Abbe is responsible, works well in small groups, listens attentively and encourages others to get involved.  She is articulate when expressing her views, and is willing to listen politely to the views of others and see things through their eyes.  A good critical thinker, Abbe is able to apply her skills in a number of avenues and help others do the same.

Abbe is a leader in the classroom, through sports activities and in her community.  As a three star athlete (captain of several of those teams), and an active member of the BFUHS Student Council she represents our school positively, demonstrates drive and teamwork and works hard to improve BFUHS and the community.  She was recently recognized as a New England Regional All Star first team for Field Hockey, and she made the Twin State Field hockey Team this fall.  Abbe plans to attend Clark University in the fall where she will continue to play field hockey.

Congratulations go to Abbe.  BFUHS and the Elks are proud to have her represent us this month with this award.