Hannah Harlow Named DAR Good Citizen Award

It is a pleasure to announce that Hannah Harlow has been named the 2017-2018 Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Hannah, a senior, is the daughter of Paul and Elizabeth Harlow of Westminster.

This award is determined based on the following criterion:  dependability (including truthfulness, loyalty and punctuality), service (including cooperation, courtesy and consideration of others), leadership (including personality, self-control and ability to assume responsibility) and patriotism (including unselfish interest in family, school, community and nation.) She fits these characteristics well.   Continue reading

College Application Week at BFUHS

Next week, BFUHS and VSAC will sponsor Vermont’s College Application Campaign as part of a national effort to get more seniors to apply to post-secondary educational programs. We’re encouraging every senior to consider applying to at least one two-year, four-year, technical school or certificate program. Seniors will spend terrier time working on their college applications next week. For each terrier time session we will have a number of giveaways including raffling off some VSAC/aspirations hoodies, M&Ms and other fun goodies.
In preparation for this week, attached is a worksheet to help you gather the necessary information needed for college applications. Please bring this worksheet with you next week.
If you want to make sure you’re on the list to participate next week please email Jessi Krause Herron at jessi.krauseherron@wnesu.com or text 802-289-3094.
Also, please note, if the application fees associated with applying to college are a barrier to you applying, VSAC has some fee waivers available, so please reach out.

Seniors and Parents- Please Join us for a free Financial Aid Forms workshop at 6pm on Oct 5th (prior to the open house). At this informal workshop, we will assist you as you file your FAFSA and Vermont state grant applications.

Please be sure to create your FSA ID a few days prior to coming to the workshop. Students and parents will each need their own ID and can sign up at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm.

Click here for a list of the necessary information that you will need to bring with you (you may need to scroll down to view the list).

BFUHS Open House October 5th

BFUHS openhouseSave the date! The Bellows Falls Union High School will have an open house for all high school students and their parents on Thursday, October 5th at 7:00 p.m. This is a chance for parents to visit your student’s classes and meet their teachers.

DJ Snide, June Elks Student of the Month

DJ Snide-3It is a pleasure to announce that Duane “DJ” Snide, Jr.  has been awarded the Bellows Falls Union High School June Elk’s Student of the Month.  “DJ,” a senior, is the son of Duane  Snide and Tammy Pratt.

DJ is a dedicated student whose positive energy and willingness to help is a benefit to any group or activity in which he participates.   DJ is the type of student that makes a school and community look good.    He is unfailingly polite and a pleasure to be around. Always upbeat and good natured, DJ works hard in his classes by giving 100%.  As a member of the BFUHS National Honor Society, he is attentive to class discussions, class activities and to his assignments.   His work is always completed on time, and often goes above the assignment expectations.  DJ pays attention to detail, works hard to improve his skills and is willing to put in the extra time to clearly grasp difficult concepts.  A very kind, courteous student, DJ is respectful and works hard.  Through his positive attitude and willing acceptance of responsibility, DJ is well liked and respected by the staff and students at BFUHS.   Continue reading

Arianna Morton, May Elks Student of the Month

Arianna MortonIt is a pleasure to announce that Arianna Morton has been named the May Elk’s Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Arianna, a senior, is the daughter of Tim and Anne Morton of Rockingham. As a dedicated student, Arianna goes above and beyond to complete her assignments which meet and exceed scholarly standards.  She is a leader in the classroom, and is always willing to help her classmates when they struggle. Continue reading

Tegan Jowett, April Elks Student of the Month

T. JowettIt is a pleasure the announce that Tegan Jowett has been named the April Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School.  Tegan, a senior, is the daughter of Fredrick Jowett and Shonda Breland of Bellows Falls. A hard working student, Tegan is dedicated to her classes and works hard to improve her skills.  She is respectful, responsible, and an asset to any class or group that she joins.  Always willing to help, Tegan is a quiet leader who is patient, open and friendly.  She comes to school every day willing to work hard and learn as much as she can. Continue reading